Submit an application for the fully-funded Harvard University Aspire Leaders Programme.

The Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program 2023 offers full funding for young scholars. The professors of Harvard Business School launched this leadership programme with the aim of enhancing the well-being of underprivileged young individuals globally and equipping them with the ability to exert a positive impact on their communities.

This leadership programme is completely sponsored and specifically designed for individuals from low-income backgrounds. The Harvard University Leaders Programme 2023 is presently open for submissions from ambitious international candidates.


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The application is now accessible.
The deadline for early action is December 1, 2023.
The last deadline for submitting applications is March 2024.
Submit an application for the Aspire Leaders Program.
Youth worldwide possess talent. Uncover your inherent abilities or motivate others to acquire further knowledge and put it into practice. Access the application form at this location.

The Aspire Leaders Program is a leadership development initiative.
For whom is it intended?
This programme is designed for students who come from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. Every candidate must satisfy the subsequent requirements:

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First-generation university students are those whose parents have not obtained an undergraduate degree.
Economically disadvantaged upbringing
Age range of 18 to 26
Prospective beneficiaries include those who are either currently enrolled in an undergraduate programme or have just completed their undergraduate studies. Additionally, those who have suffered from an armed conflict or a natural disaster are also eligible.
To obtain more comprehensive information on eligibility, kindly go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

What are the available programme options?
Within the programme, students will:

Obtain entry to fully-funded HarvardX courses and resources for leadership development.
Engage in real-time seminars with esteemed Harvard professors and globally renowned teachers.
Engage in intellectual discourse within a digital educational environment with a diverse international cohort.
Submit applications for grants and seek mentorship possibilities.
Is travel necessary for this programme?
The whole Aspire Leaders Program is conducted through online platforms. We recommend having internet connectivity and a portable electronic device such as a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer.

Is proficiency in the English language a prerequisite?
All phases of the process are conducted in English. However, even if English is not your first language or if you are not completely proficient, we still urge you to apply and provide your best effort.

Will I meet the requirements if I have already submitted an application?
Indeed, anyone who has previously registered for the 2023 programme is allowed to reapply, unless they are alumni who have successfully completed all five phases. Commendations for your unwavering determination!

The students who submit their applications by the Early Action Deadline will comprise the initial group to go through each phase in 2023. Upon arrival, you will be promptly admitted to Stage 1 and progress accordingly. The Aspire Leaders Program is very competitive, and we strongly urge you to submit your application in advance.

Upon acceptance into the Aspire Leaders Program, students will progress through a series of stages in the selection process, ultimately leading to the finalist programme, which will be conducted online. This takes place around 4-5 months following the application deadline.

What are the results?
The leadership development programmes offered by Aspire Institute will provide concrete assistance for the following stages of your journey as a young leader. The Aspire alumni network is a vibrant and varied community that extends across several nations worldwide. Being a member of this organisation provides individuals the opportunity to connect with regional cohorts, affinity networks, and a global community of peers and educators for life.

The Journey of the Aspire Leaders Program

Module I: Duration of three weeks

Individual and Occupational Growth

Evaluation of leadership abilities that focus on identifying and leveraging individual talents.
Gain exclusive access to meticulously curated professional development tools, collaboratively designed in partnership with Harvard Business School. The materials encompass instructions for constructing a LinkedIn profile, producing a compelling résumé, strategies for successful interviews, and information on networking.
Opportunities for real-time interactions among a worldwide group of colleagues.
Module II lasts for a duration of seven weeks.

The Aspire Leadership Course focuses on developing first-generation leaders who can make a significant impact on society.

This leadership development course consists of six sessions, with an additional week for focused study. Highly regarded academics from Harvard University have carefully prepared and are teaching the course.
The progression of the voyage is as follows:

Week One: Self-awareness and Leadership Week Two: Contextual Understanding and Trust Building Week Three: Managing Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence
Week Four: Live Discussion: Tackling Community Challenges
Week Five: Perspectives from Influential Figures
Week Six: Live Discussion: Implementing Initiatives in Global Communities
Week Seven focuses on independent coursework and preparing for Module 3. 14 days

Immersive learning refers to a kind of education that fully engages and involves learners in a highly interactive and realistic environment.

Participate in expert-led seminars conducted by internationally acclaimed educators from prestigious universities across the globe.
Engage in a combination of asynchronous and synchronous learning methods, which will facilitate the development of relationships with a diverse group of peers and mentors from across the world.
Engaging with former students

Alumni are granted access to a dynamic network of ambitious individuals, experienced mentors, and significant financing for social impact initiatives.

Explore the narratives of former students

Groups of individuals who share a common characteristic or experience.

Every cohort participates in an identical three-module programme alongside a new set of Aspire Leaders. We strongly invite you to submit your application and go on a journey with us now!


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First cohort

The deadline for submitting the application is Saturday, December 2nd, at 11:59 p.m. EST (Boston, USA).
The programme for Cohort 1 will take place from January to March 2024.

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