Online MBA Programs From Indian Universities

Online MBA Programs From Indian Universities

Among the many top universities offering online MBA programs in India are Amity University, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Jain University, SVUniversity, and SV College. To find out which one suits your needs, read this article. You’ll find out the specific features of each school, as well as the different ways they prepare students for their online MBA programs. You can also browse through the reviews of the various online universities to find out which one is best for you.

Amity University

The distance learning MBA program of Amity University is offered at a fee of 2.5 lacs for two years, with a possibility of extension, subject to certain conditions. Graduates of Amity University can expect a 100% employment rate after graduation and can find work in various fields including operations management, sales management, marketing manager, and human resource management. The salary range for an MBA varies from 2.5 to 25 LPA.

The curriculum is regularly updated and aligned with industry requirements. The online MBA program comprises modules on digital business innovation, business growth strategies, marketing strategies, leadership, strategic thinking, and planning. Students are required to complete a bachelor’s degree and have a sufficient knowledge of the English language. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, and those from other countries must acquire a certificate of equivalency from the Association of Indian Universities.

The Amity University online program is accredited by the UGC, AICTE, and Distance Education Board. The online program is designed by industry experts and is the only distance MBA course in India that balances industrial knowledge with practical proficiency. The program is two years in duration, and graduates can choose to specialize in one of 14 industries. Courses are taught through live and video recorded lectures, study materials, and virtual labs.

Online MBA courses are offered at Amity University, a private university in Uttar Pradesh. Amity University has multiple campuses in India, including Noida, Ranchi, Lucknow, Gwali, and others. Moreover, it is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. The Amity University Distance MBA program offers high-quality management education, and graduates with a minimum 40% GPA will find employment in a variety of fields.

Indira Gandhi National Open University

If you are interested in earning an MBA online, you might be wondering which universities offer online MBA programs. One of the best places to begin your search is the Indira Gandhi National Open University, which offers online MBA programs through a combination of distance learning and on-campus courses. Located in Delhi, the IGNOU is an open university with an accreditation rating of AAA-plus on careers360. The tuition is low and you can choose from courses at a variety of institutes. It is a government-run institution with affordable tuition rates that range from seven to thirty-one thousand dollars per year. The university also offers regular updates to its students via their student login id.

This university’s MBA curriculum is designed by management and business experts to meet the current needs of today’s workforce. The curriculum is updated frequently, and focuses on real-world management problems. You’ll be expected to take the OPENMAT exam to enter the MBA program. If you pass the exam, you can take admission in one of the following two semesters. The price ranges for each of these programs are reasonable, and the course completion time is four years.

Unlike other institutions, IGNOU’s online MBA programs are accepted throughout the world. Its renowned Distance Learning programs are accredited by the United States Department of Education (USD) and the Institute of International Business and Economics (IIE). Its online MBA program is approved in every state and many countries outside of India. This means you can get the same quality education and support as a traditional university and graduate from IGNOU in a few short years.

Jain University

The online MBA program from Jain University is an excellent way to further your education without having to relocate to pursue your studies. The two-year program is offered in various formats, with each course focusing on a specific area of business. The first year of the course is all about gaining practical knowledge, while the final year provides students with real-world experience. To apply for the program, you must meet the following criteria:

An individual should have a bachelor’s degree that has been completed at least three years ago. Those who have recently graduated are also eligible. Besides, the faculty is from around the world, and students can take advantage of the job opportunities that are shared by more than 2000 industry-leading hiring partners. In addition, tuition costs for the online MBA program are affordable and are well-accredited by international professional bodies. The program will allow you to earn a Master’s degree and get the job you want without sacrificing your current lifestyle.

The online MBA program at Jain University is a popular choice for part-time students or those with busy lives. Admission to the program is straightforward and consists of three steps. First, you are shortlisted based on your academic records and entrance exam scores. You must have a minimum MAT score of 550, NMAT score of 160, or CAT score that is 50 percentile or higher. You will then be invited to a personal interview.

The university is well-recognized and has numerous online courses. Jain Online offers a variety of online courses, and is managed by a team of digital innovators and academic experts. Jain is committed to fostering a global network of students and is an authorized partner of the “Study in India” program. This will allow you to study from anywhere, while still benefiting from a highly-regarded institution in your home country.

SV University

SV University is a 60-year-old private university located in the city of Tirupati, which is famous for its world-famous Tirupati temple. Initially, the university offered distance education courses in 1972 and upgraded the institute to the Directorate of Distance Education in 1995. The university provides both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In addition to its online MBA program, SVU also offers various postgraduate courses.

The Distance MBA program at SV University is divided into four semesters of six months each. Its duration is flexible as it enables the students to finish the course within two years. Alternatively, students can complete the program within four years. The fee is a separate amount for the enrolment fee and the examination fee for each semester. SV University offers a wide range of online MBA programs, allowing students to pursue their graduate studies from anywhere in the world.

The distance MBA program at SVU is a two-year program that enables students to work while studying. The course is structured into four semesters and requires two exams per year. Successful students pass both exams and are promoted to the next year. The program is designed to help students reach their career goals by offering significant specializations. A successful completion of the distance MBA program will open doors to many career opportunities. For working professionals who don’t have the time to attend a conventional university, the program is the perfect choice.

SV University’s M.Com program requires students to hold a Bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field, and have secured a spot for graduation. While the cost of the M.Com degree program is relatively low compared to other programs, the course is available for a variety of financial levels, so that students can pursue a higher education at a time that suits their needs. There are also some online MBA programs available in S.V. University, Tirupati.

Manipal University

If you want to pursue an MBA in management, Manipal University offers online MBA programs. There are many benefits of this online MBA program. It is accredited by the Manipal University and includes electives in the curriculum. The program emphasizes market-applicable skills, abilities, and scientific reasoning. In addition to this, the Manipal University MBA degree is widely recognized and supported by corporate associations, UGC, and instructive boards of trustees.

The program focuses on practical application and includes several case studies and live projects. Discussions, debates, and thought-sharing are key to learning. Students typically work on 12 work-integrated projects. Assessments are based on case study analysis and discussion forum contribution, with 40% of the final exam being an open book exam. The online MBA program offers convenient access to professors and faculty. It is a convenient way to pursue an MBA, even if you don’t have time to attend classes.

In addition to offering online MBA programs, Manipal University also has a renowned alumni network. Students who complete the program can expect assistance with their career placements. The university also provides students with free resources such as exam patterns and information on government entrance examinations. The university has a job fair program and a placement assistance program. You can even apply to Manipal University for an MBA online program without a traditional campus visit.

Students enrolled in Manipal University’s online MBA programs can choose to study abroad. The university’s distance education courses have helped working professionals complete their studies while maintaining their jobs. These programs are accredited by the UGC-DEB and take two years to complete. Students can choose a specialization from among marketing, human resources, information systems, and finance management. The MBA program at Manipal University Jaipur is designed to prepare students for a career in a variety of sectors.


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